astah* SysML 1.5.0


Release Note | Release Date: Mar. 13, 2019

If you would like to use or try out Astah SysML, download from here.

By downloading Astah SysML, you agree to be bound by the terms of the latest End User License Agreement.

Windows Installer with JRE-bundled (64 bit OS)
46.26 MB | md5sum: 81603c7e56be02a059d0c0751b06b161

Windows Installer with JRE-bundled (32 bit OS)
45.75 MB | md5sum: d8856d1b3311ed5c8c3c0b947aa15727

macOS Installer
macOS Package (.pkg) Installer.
56.35 MB | md5sum: b097efd7f71d477ba722cddcd56e2e81

File Extension RPM (.rpm)
This package format is for Red Hat Enterprise, Fedora and CentOS.
19.08 MB | md5sum: 1f85f4b19ac0eba7587b0a3b8106628a

File extension DEB (.deb)
This package format is for Ubuntu, Debian and GNU/Linux.
19.15 MB | md5sum: 4719495570f1e001981e0981e745a1a5

Archive without JRE and Installer
For Non-Windows users. Please see FAQ for how to set up. Technical support is not provided for installing this zip file.
19.33 MB | md5sum: 93c0dcb0b94c10ace99021038e950f51