astah* System Safety 8.0.0


Jul. 27, 2022

If you would like to use or try out Astah* System Safety, download from here.

Please read [END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT] carefully before downloading.
By downloading astah* System Safety, you agree to be bound by the terms of the latest license agreement.

Windows Installer with JRE-bundled (64 bit OS)
130.6 MB | md5sum: 204d40f0db3187cd1087795e41202e0b

ZIP archive for Windows with JRE-bundled (64 bit OS)
141.9 MB | md5sum: f6b3e42d9665db16f831dd3504f0d816

macOS Installer
macOS Package (.pkg) Installer.
142.9 MB | md5sum: 71d8bdbdb02c90019af483e674058561