astah* viewer 8.4.1


Release Date: Sep. 29, 2021

Astah Viewer is a free tool to view .astah files that are created by Astah Professional, UML and Community.

Please read [END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT] downloading.
By downloading Astah Viewer, you agree to be bound by the terms of the latest license agreement.

Windows Installer with JRE-bundled (64 bit OS)
54.21 MB | md5sum: 58f5e6c117cc6273baf3bd6f8f9a343d

macOS Installer
macOS Package (.pkg) Installer.
67.6 MB | md5sum: 74becd448435335bd5d28867435f42de

File Extension RPM (.rpm)
This package format is for Red Hat Enterprise, Fedora and CentOS.
25.75 MB | md5sum: 90c75d091012b64503c23e77abee97e5

File extension DEB (.deb)
This package format is for Ubuntu, Debian and GNU/Linux.
25.95 MB | md5sum: ff37067184aaccbf513bee083a32a87f

Archive without JRE and Installer
For Non-Windows users. Please see FAQ for how to set up. Technical support is not provided for installing this zip file.
26.06 MB | md5sum: 5d0889e235a6b7d9319fb8016ca2ee7b