Package com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.ui

Interface Summary
IMessageDialogHandler Handle to show the dialog when unexpected error is occurred by Plug-in.
IMessageDialogHandlerFactory Class to create IMessageDialogHandler.
IMessageProvider Provide messages to show in the dialog from Plug-in.
IPluginActionDelegate Delegated interface to add the menu item by Plug-in.
IPluginExtraTabView Interface to add new tab to the extra view by Plug-in.
IPluginModelTab Delegated interface to add the property tab to show selecting model by Plug-in.
IPluginTabView Interface to add new tab to the project view by Plug-in.
IPluginUserObject Marker interface of the user object
ISelectionListener Interface to notify selected object on the UI of Plug-in.
IWindow Interface to get UI object from the application for Plug-in.

Class Summary
IPluginExtraView Deprecated.  

Exception Summary