Package com.change_vision.jude.api.inf.editor

Interface Summary
ActivityDiagramEditor Interface to create presentations in Activity Diagram.
BasicDiagramEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) basic diagrams.
BasicModelEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) UML Models.
BehaviorDiagramEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) behavior diagrams.
ClassDiagramEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) Class/Object diagrams.
CompositeStructureDiagramEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) CompositeStructure diagrams.
CompositeStructureModelEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) CompositeStructure Models.
DiagramEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) diagrams.
ERDiagramEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) ER diagrams.
ERModelEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) ER Models.
IDiagramEditorFactory Interface to create DiagramEditor.
IModelEditorFactory Interface to create ModelEditor.
ITransactionManager Manage Transactions.
MindmapDiagramEditor Deprecated. Interface to edit (create/delete) Mind Map.
MindmapEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) Mind Map.
RequirementDiagramEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) Requirement diagrams.
SequenceDiagramEditor Interface to create presentations in Sequence Diagram.
StateMachineDiagramEditor Interface to create presentations in Statemachine Diagram.
StructureDiagramEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) structure diagrams.
UseCaseDiagramEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) UseCase diagrams.
UseCaseModelEditor Interface to edit (create/delete) UseCase Models.

Class Summary
ModelEditorFactory Class to create ModelEditor.
TransactionManager Manage Transactions.